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Sometimes it is even necessary to reverse earlier SEO measures to avoid penalties. An example for this is the so-called link removal which was prevalent in the period right after the Google Penguin update in April 2012. Many webmasters then had to submit reconsideration requests to have the penalty lifted. Due to the increased enrichment of organic search results with images, the Knowledge Graph and the orientation of the search query, it is also more difficult for webmasters to achieve top results in the search result pages. The distribution of paid ads varies widely, but depending on the keyword or search query, it is possible that the first four search results are paid ads, meaning that even with a top ranking for the organic search, the website might only appear half way down the page.
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However, it can be well worth the time and effort as it can lead to quality website traffic. You may be thinking, thats all well and good, but how do I boost my organic rankings? Thats where we come in. Were here to offer some of the most fundamental strategies to help you improve your online visibility and organic SEO rankings. And whilst Google continually adjusts its algorithm, we have some basic practices that will help you regardless of those small changes. Ranking well for every keyword in your industry is virtually impossible and an unreasonable task, which is why you will need to focus and secure a few high-ranking keywords first.
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There are some general principles that will help improve your SEO that well outline here but, above all, the key is to make sure your website and content is truly relevant to the search terms you are trying to rank for. Trying to fool a search engine using hacks or tricks wont work - and might well result in your website ranking lower.
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In 2015, Google first announced that it would be using mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. This triggered the infamous Mobilegeddon, as brands scrambled to optimize the mobile versions of their sites. Since then, Google has been gradually increasing the importance of mobile friendliness in its rankings - in a more recent announcement, it said it will index the entire web with a mobile-first model by September 2020. Below are some tips to optimize your website for mobile.: Test your site using Googles mobile-friendly tool. Design for touch - fingers come in all sizes and can easily make incorrect taps. Make your CTA buttons accessible to mobile users. Redesign your pop-ups for mobile devices. Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP. Compress your images to improve loading time. Use heat maps and mouse tracking tools to understand how people user your website on mobile and make optimizations accordingly. Adhere to Googles EAT Guidelines. According to Google, EAT is one of the top three factors for gauging page quality.
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Here you can use the keyword planning tool and get ideas from Google based on your existing keywords. You can also work with your AdWords team to identify patterns or trends the SEO team may not have known, as AdWords generally is constantly trying and testing out new keyword phrases. Learn more: Adwords Dashboard. Second, using a tool like SEMRush or Moz, you can identify what your competitors are ranking for and what is working for them. If one of your competitors seems to be gaining traction with organic search, they are perfect examples to reverse engineer.
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Check out all WordPress SEO tips and frequently asked questions for 2022 below to help you achieve better results on SERPs and organic traffic. Install a WordPress SEO Plugin. WordPress out of the box is pretty good already for SEO. However, we always recommend that people install an SEO plugin as well. This allows you to have complete control over optimizing what Google sees from your website. In terms of popularity, the free Yoast SEO plugin is a clear winner, but its not the only one! Check out our Rank Math vs Yoast SEO in-depth comparison, for example, or browse through our curated list of the best SEO plugins for more inspiration. At Kinsta, we use Yoast SEO, and thats why youll notice several screenshots/images of it in this WordPress SEO guide. A good SEO plugin enables you to.: Write better content with page and keyword analysis. Edit your meta descriptions. Automatically generate XML sitemaps. Add social and schema markup.
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In the next step, Ill pinpoint the exact keywords that are generating organic traffic for my competitors, and show you how to do the same. Those same keywords will help me market to my target audience more competitively. Step three: Go to Alexa.com. This tool can show you whether your competitors best performing keywords are ranking in Googles top 10 results. On Alexas homepage, plug your competitors site URL e.g. copyblogger.com into the box. Step four: Analyze audience geography. Alexa gives you detailed information about your competitors audience, where they came from and how engaged they are when they visit your competitors site. This is truly important, particularly the daily pageviews per visitor section. You can see that the majority of Copybloggers readers live in India. What does this mean to you? Well, if youre based in the United States or the UK and you want to get more attention and customers from those regions, you need to tell Googles spider what your site is about and optimize your content for geo-specific keywords.
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There are a lot of people who say that they started spending a lot more in Google Ads formerly called Google AdWords or Bing and then their organic results increased. Or, someone who isnt spending a lot with Google, but their competitor is, tries to link their competitors better results with the competitors increased Google Ads budget. None of that is real. Its about as real as this guy. There is a metaphorical wall and probably a literal wall - its a big office between the paid ads and organic sides of Google. They wont let PPC affect organic results because that would make the search engine results pages SERPs decrease in quality. Googles mission is to create the best possible search result for every query and rewarding advertisers with higher organic search rankings would work against that mission. However, there are some indirect influences that are out of Googles control that will cause your paid and organic traffic to possibly intersect. Studies show that searchers who see an ad may be more likely to click an organic listing. Or, they may be more likely if they see a high ranking organic listing for an ad to click that ad.

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